Brad Newman protected our country!  

Brad Newman protects our community!

Now we need to Elect Brad NEWMAN so he can


A Lifetime Dedicated to Public Service.

  I, Brad Newman, pledge my solemn oath that I will protect our

  election process and guarantee that you will receive honest and fair

  elections at all times while I serve as your County Clerk.



"COPS n COOKIES" is a program that we started to help bridge the gap between young people and the police. We would go in and read each month to a class to which we were assigned. I got more out of it than the kids! What a great experience this was for us all.

My Wife and Friends

Linda Stanley (left), my wife Missy Newman (center left), Paul Stanley (center right), and myself (right), enjoying some fun and laughs.

Making a Difference in our Community

Brad Newman is a Lifelong Dedicated Public Servant

My Greatest HERO!

We had a lot of fun at the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Golf Outing with Ryan Lee (center), Josh Olah, Lance Walsh, and myself (right). Great guys! All of them!


MDA Golf Outing

- US Army Veteran - Military Police Corps

- Terre Haute City Police

- Trustee FOP

- Active in Breast Cancer Awareness

- Worked closely with Prosecutor Terry Modesitt to assist First Responders

- Wabash Valley Community Foundation 100 Men That Give

Raising Dough ($) for the Soggy Donuts Fund!

Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police

Jason Jackson, Fuzzy Zoeller, and myself.

The Soggy Donuts Charity has helped a lot of people over the years. During police week a friend and I had a lot of fun raising dough for the Soggy Donuts Fund. We are both honored to be able to help build this charity. It matters when you least expect it!

Brad Newman and wife, Missy, a Vigo County School Teacher, have devoted their lives to bettering the lives of children in our community. They are proudly expecting their first child this winter.

Brad Newman

Brad Newman

C.O.P.S. Organization

It was great to spend time with the guys from the C.O.P.S. Organization. They ride across Indiana raising money for the family members of fallen police officers. They are the angels that fill a need for those that grieve such enormous loss.

After the 100 year flood in June of 2008, I along with several other people, including many law enforcement officers, decided that we had to do more toward making a real difference in our community. Out of that inspiration we created a Non-Profit organization with the focused purpose of filling the gaps when and where we saw those in need. As law enforcement officers, we embraced the link to donuts and wanted to incorporate that concept into the name. Since we were realizing this need coming out of the largest flood in our lifetime, moving soggy belongings for weeks, we liked the word soggy. When times are good the donuts are fine, but when the flood hits Soggy Donuts come to mind. And that became the name that described this new non profit, with its purpose to be there when the donuts where soggy and the times were tough, helping those who met an unexpected need.

Soggy Donuts the non profit was born. You can learn more about this great non profit at I am proud and honored to have been a part of this effort. And currently serve as it's President. This organization is a great way to help out officer's, their families, and many community members as needs arise from unforeseen or unexpected circumstances.

After her courageous battle with breast cancer, we lost my mother, Michele, to this devastating disease, breast cancer.  She was my hero and my heart.  I think of her every moment, wishing to feel her embrace or hear her voice.  I am actively dedicated in the fight to find a cure and raise funds to beat this destroyer of life.